About the Author

Michael Bell

Michael “Mickey” Bell is an author, producer, artist, and software architect. 

Well-known for his work in the computer science field, he has written several best-selling technical books published by John Wiley & Sons. An art school graduate, Mickey’s contemporary paintings, photography, and films were featured in well-known art galleries and museums. Upon moving to New York City, Mickey received his Master’s degree in Computer Science, then started his own software development and architecture company called Byte & Run, Inc. He found great success while working on Wall Street for many Fortune 500 financial institutions, such as J.P. Morgan, Chase, AIG, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and American Express. Even though Mickey’s career was ample with opportunities in computer science, he never let art and film out of his sight. Interested in telling meaningful stories that can make a social impact, he started writing once again, but this time his novel, “Lost in the City of @.” Currently under development, his screenplay, “Decoding Norman,” will start pre-production in the near future. When he’s not writing, he enjoys traveling, practicing martial arts, and biking.

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